Based in Sydney’s West, EJones IT specialise in providing IT support, Solutions and Advice to Small/Medium Businesses throughout the Greater Sydney Region. We pride ourselves on working with our clients, tailoring each solution to address individual needs.
Our services include
The above list is just a sample of the services we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Backup & Disaster Recovery


How reliable is your backup?
Have you checked your backup for integrity?
How long is acceptable for your IT system to be out of action in a disaster (Server failure, building loss, fire etc)?
These are the key questions that all businesses should ask themselves. Unfortunately, many do not, and it is usually too late before they realise they should have. A reliable backup solution should be implemented as soon as an IT system is deployed. These solutions do not need to cost the earth and can be extremely simple yet effective.
Contact EJones IT for assistance and advice with your Backup and Disaster Recovery before it is too late!



Have you taken the first step in moving to the cloud?
Are you thinking about it but just not sure where to begin?
Is moving to the cloud even the right direction for you?
At EJones IT we can help answer all of these questions. We will sit down with you and determine if moving to the cloud is the right move for you. If it is, we will be there through every step of the migration and management.
In our experience the first step for most businesses is moving email to the cloud. Mailboxes can grow at an exponential rate, this growth means expanding server storage and increasing internet capacity. By moving to a cloud email provider, the burden of hosting email is removed, allowing these resources to be allocated to other systems.
Once email has migrated to the cloud business generally move their Backup/Disaster Recovery to the cloud, and then progressively move more systems over. Before you know it the noisy servers have disappeared and all of your systems are in the cloud, ready for you to access whenever and wherever.



EJones IT provides a number of small to medium sized businesses with IT consulting services on an ongoing basis. We help both businesses who have onsite IT staff, and those that have someone trying to juggle their day to day tasks with IT needs.
Questions business owners usually face
– Is it time to upgrade our servers?
– Do we actually need a server?
– Are we utilising our servers and systems to the best of our ability?
– What options are available to help improve productivity?
– Should we move to cloud services?
– Is our data being backed up and what will happen in a disaster?
– Are we receiving value for money with our Telecommunications?
These are just some of the questions that EJones IT can answer.  With our help businesses can better utilise their current IT solutions or even move to new IT solutions when required.



Time to buy or upgrade your servers?
Is your infrastructure aligned with best practices?
Not sure where to start?
EJones IT can help! We know the cost involved and importance of selecting the right equipment which will serve your business best. We will sit down with you and assess your current needs plus what may change within the next 3-5 years. Once needs have been determined, we will source the best deal for you. We can then setup the equipment ensuring it meets all of your needs.



From a simple network with a single server and handful of computers, to a network with multiple locations and hundreds of devices,
EJones IT can help design, build and maintain your network.
We can connect remote offices together, allow remote users to access systems securely and ensure links are reliable so you can get the most out of your network!



EJones IT offers fast, efficient and friendly IT Support to small businesses for servers, desktops, networking devices and applications. Part of our support offerings include monitoring and maintenance to prevent issues before they occur. When a problem does occur that interrupts you or your employees’ work, we will fix it remotely or onsite.
Systems we support
Windows & Mac Desktops
Windows, Linux & Novell Servers
Many more Applications



Need someone to take the reigns and deal with your ISP or Phone provider?
Are you receiving the best deal from your Internet or Mobile provider?
Moving offices and need to keep downtime to a minimum?
Do you have a mobile workforce?
Are you stuck working behind the desk? Ideally could you work from home?
EJones IT can help with all of the above. We will gladly take the fight on your behalf, keeping providers honest, making sure you are getting what you pay for and receiving the best deal available.
Work should be what you do, not where you are. Speak to EJones IT today and let us help you get the most out of your employees.



Are you using a single server for every system?
Do you want to get more out of your servers and utilise their full capacity?
Do you want to save money on servers and maintenance?
If the answer is Yes, then it’s time to think about virtualisation. Virtualisation is a way of combining several systems and running them on a single server (or more depending on requirements). By combining the systems onto a virtual server, the wasted processing power usually found on individual servers is gone. This allows you to save on hardware and maintenance costs while allowing for scalability.
For more information contact EJones IT.